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February 02 2016


Eyelashes Falling Out – How To Grow Them Back

While having the odd eyelash fall out every now and then is normal and happens to everyone from time to time there are occasions when some women experience severe eyelash fall out. There can be a number of reasons why this happens and finding out how to stop this rapid eyelash loss and growing back those missing eyelashes are of primary concern. Causes Of Eyelash Fallout There are many different causes of eyelash fallout some are medical in nature and some are preventable. For, example in a large number of cases where heavy eyelash loss is an issue it is often discovered that the person losing the eyelashes wear heavy mascara day and night. While mascara can enhance the look of your lashes on occasion, wearing too much at once or wearing it too often can weigh down your lashes and cause them to fall out. Another cause of eyelash loss is the way some people remove their eye make up. Instead of investing in a good eye make up removal product they make do by scrubbing and rubbing their eyelashes which results in breakages and the lashes falling out because of the constant pressure and pulling on them. Unhealthy or brittle eyelashes could be caused by a vitamin deficiency, other medical conditions or using an eyelash curler too often. Can I Get My Beautiful Lashes Back? The good news is that in most cases you can grow those beautiful eyelashes back again. The first step is discovering if possible the cause of your eyelash loss. If you are wearing too much mascara then stop or at least limit the amount you wear, give up curling your lashes and use a product designed to gently remove eye make up. You can also check with your medical provider to see if you need to increase your vitamin intake as well. Chances are if you have a vitamin deficiency that is making your eyelashes fall out your overall health can benefit from correcting this deficiency. Last, you can then begin using an eyelash enhancement product to help grow back those lovely long lashes that you have lost. When choosing an eyelash enhancement product make sure that you choose one that does not cause itching or inflammation as this will result in rubbing your eyes and even more broken or lost lashes. You also want an eyelash enhancer that has a built in wimpern wachsen serum eyelash moisturizer and conditioner to help get those less than healthy lashes back into good condition once again. One eyelash enhancer that is gentle on the eyes and is loaded with moisturizer and conditioner is Idol Lash. Idol Lash has also been subjected to clinical studies, which prove that it is gentle and the Internet is filled with reviews from users who state that Idol Lash helps to grow lashes longer and thicker in a matter of 4-6 weeks under normal conditions. So don’t just stand there wiping those falling lashes and tears from your cheeks. Do something about it. Find out exactly why you are using those lashes and correct the problem.

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